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Trucking slowdown? No sign of it in March employment figures

Following a decrease in employment opportunities for truck drivers in February, which appeared to indicate the conclusion of the lengthy and nearly uninterrupted rise in trucking employment since the pandemic, the number of jobs in this sector reversed direction in March and resumed an upward trajectory.

Aerodynamic mud flaps offer surprising savings if you spec the right ones

Fleets typically overlook mud flaps and prioritize tractor and trailer aerodynamic devices and low rolling resistance tires when aiming to improve fuel economy. However, the truth is that selecting the right aerodynamic mud flap can lead to fuel savings and better maintenance. It is important to note that not all aerodynamic mud flaps are created equal, and fleet managers must comprehend the distinctions between good and bad ones to avoid negative outcomes resulting from choosing the wrong mud flap.

The spot market is not where you need to live': On building steady business with authority, growth, more

It is undeniable that the current state of the freight spot markets is challenging, with rates for vans and reefers falling nationally in the past week, putting a strain on profitability for independent owner-operators and small carriers with authority. Despite this, during his speech on the final day of the Mid-America Trucking Show on Saturday, April 1, Adam Wingfield emphasized a key message to all the owners in attendance, which forms the majority of today’s Overdrive Radio segment.

4 Trends Driving Demand for Truck Leasing

According to HDT, top-level officials at national rental, leasing, and management service companies state that a variety of market factors, such as economic and regulatory changes, are contributing to the increased interest in leasing for private fleets, which have traditionally been the primary target for leasing. Additionally, the vocational market, specifically construction fleets, is experiencing a surge in demand for leasing services.

Beware the insurance-requirement fine print in truck-lease agreements

Many of my insurance clients who are starting their own trucking businesses plan to lease their first truck to minimize their initial startup expenses. While they are aware that the lease agreement includes specific terms and conditions, including insurance requirements, they may not fully understand what these requirements entail. They may assume that a standard commercial auto insurance policy is sufficient, but this is often not the case.



Hauling dry van commodities with 
unlimited radius saving him
24% on his insurance renewal.


Hauling autos with unlimited
 radius saving them over
19% on their insurance renewal.


Hauling reefer and dry van commodities with unlimited radius saving him 21% on
 his insurance renewal.


Hauling flatbed commodities with 300
 radius saving them over
23% on their insurance renewal.

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