Report accidents immediately. Print this page and keep it in your vehicle.

When you have had an accident it is critical that you document as many facts and gather as much information and photos as possible so that we can handle your claims quickly and efficiently and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

In the event of an accident, please follow the steps below.

  1. FIRST – If there is an injury or medical emergency, dial 911 immediately.
  2. STOP Your Vehicle Immediately
    1. TURN on Emergency Flasher
    2. Put Out Triangles and/or Flares
    3. Be sure at least one warning signal (triangle/flare) can be seen from all directions.
  3. Check with other parties about their physical condition.
    1. Do not attempt to treat or move anyone before medical help arrives unless it is a life or death matter such as moving someone to safety away from a fire.
    2. Cover the person to keep them warm or otherwise make sure they are as comfortable as possible until help arrives.
    3. Use appropriate first aid ONLY if you are trained to do so.
  4. Notify the Authorities
    1. Notify Your Safety Director/Dispatch
    2. Call Police
    3. Call Horizon Insurance Services as soon as possible from the accident scene using the number listed on your “Cab Card”.
  5. Document the Drivers, Vehicles and Accident Scene
    1. Get License Plate Number of ALL other vehicles involved.
    2. Get the following information from ALL other parties involved in the accident: Name; Address, Drivers License Number; Insurance Information; Phone Numbers; Email Address; Employer.
    3. Take pictures of all sides of all of the vehicles involved and from a variety of different angles.
    4. Get Witness Information – Use the Witness Report cards to record names, addresses and statements of any eyewitnesses. Keep copies of this form in your vehicle. You can download it here.
    5. Complete the Accident Report being as detailed as possible. Keep copies of this form in your vehicle. You can download it here. You can complete it online here.
  6. Submit the forms to us:
    1. Online: You may complete the forms online and submit them to us electronically.
    2. Fax: You may download the forms, complete them, and fax them to us at 1-877-543-4040.
    3. Mail: You may download the forms, complete them, and send them to us by U.S. Mail.
  7. Wait for us to contact you.

One of our truck insurance specialists will contact you, usually within 24 hours, to confirm the details of your reports, provide you with additional information about your case and assist you in any other way we can. Cases are normally handled in the order in which they are received. If you have some urgent matter regarding your case, please call us at 713-419-5043.

  1. CDL Drivers:

If an accident results in: A vehicle being towed, A person being transported by ambulance, or a Fatality, You must be tested for alcohol and drugs within two hours of the accident as required in section 382.303 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations. Keep copies of the Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form in your vehicle at all times.

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