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Perspective: Taking Industry Action on AB 5...

There was great disappointment among members of the Transportation Intermediaries Association when the Supreme Court declined to hear its appeal of the Ninth Circuit ruling. The TIA filed an amicus brief in support of the CTA’s case before the Supreme Court.

DAT and Convoy: A load board love affair hits the rocks...

During January, DAT, by far the largest and most influential load board in the trucking industry, sued Convoy for allegedly misappropriating its data and “trade secrets” for its competing load board, Convoy for Brokers. In its court filing, DAT is asking the court to permanently shut down Convoy’s load board, which remains in operation.

How law enforcement officers think....

There are many traffic violations officers see, but those that are flagrant, those that endanger other vehicles and drivers, are the ones that trigger law enforcement response.

Big brake blitz starts this weekend — here’s what you need to know...

It is estimated that brake violations make up the largest percentage of out-of-service vehicle violations cited during roadside inspections by the CVSA. According to the International Roadcheck data last year, 38.9% of all vehicle out-of-service violations were related to brake systems and brake adjustment, the largest percentage of all vehicle out-of-service violations.


Group strives to recruit more minority truck drivers...

A Zippia survey found that 84% of truck drivers were men; 64% were white, 16% were Hispanic, and 13% were black. Shenika and her husband deemed the truck driving shortage back in 2021 as an opportunity to establish their academy and help fill that gap.

"Trucking Angels" WATCH: Team of truckers park on Interstate 680 in Omaha as law enforcement rescues woman...

“They are trucking angels, as they call them, professionals who place the needs of the community and the individual before profit,” Grisham said. insurance.

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