Protect your business from liability claims

General liability insurance (GL) is coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operations.

Who needs general liability insurance?

General liability insurance is often combined with property insurance in a Business Owners Policy (BOP), but it’s also available to many contractors as a stand-alone coverage.

As a contractor or small business owner, you need some form of general liability protection to safeguard your livelihood.

A single accident could result in a lawsuit that you might not be able to handle. A great way to protect against this is to make sure you have liability coverage that matches your level of exposure.

Some employers or clients might also require you to carry a certain amount of general liability before you can work for them.

General liability insurance for contractors

If you’re a contractor, you might only want general liability – not a full BOP. For example, you might not own any commercial buildings that require property insurance, or need to cover payroll or other operating expenses. However, you’re still exposed to liability risks from your job.

You might be eligible to get general liability insurance, without the extra coverages in a BOP. We offer general liability, as well as * Blanket Additional Insured Coverage to contractors who qualify.

*Blanket Additional Insured Coverage extends your existing liability insurance to other entities as required by some contracts with employers.

General liability insurance cost

The cost of general liability insurance is impacted by many factors. Mainly:

  • Your business type
  • Your location
  • The level of risk your company is exposed to
  • The number of employees you have

For example, a small business that manufactures, delivers, and installs equipment typically has a higher exposure to risk (i.e. being sued) than a business that only delivers the equipment.

  • Occupational Accident Insurance

Occupational accident insurance coverage provides benefits to employees injured or killed in a job-related accident. Some of the common scenarios for this coverage follow:

  • Texas allows an employer to opt out of the state’s workers compensation law. Occupational accident insurance is an alternative way to fund the employer’s obligation to the employee.
  • Some other states allow employers to assume part of the workers compensation risk themselves, subject to state approval. Occupational accident insurance can fund the assumed risk.
  • Companies in the trucking industry use occupational accident insurance to provide benefits to owner-operators who are not employees.

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