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Before we talk about dry van trailer Insurance, let’s define what dry van shipping is. It refers to the vehicle or compartment used to haul shipments. They’re considered the most common type of freight transportation. Typically, 48’ or 53’ feet in length and fully enclosed, they are designed to haul pallets or boxes of cargo, as well as most any other type of equipment. They are enclosed and protected from the elements, and are utilized by all commercial trucking companies. Your typical dry van semi-truck is a ‘box’ truck with a door on the back which makes them useful for a range of different shipping jobs.

Dry van trucking is often chosen for their convenience, a dry van or “box” trailer is not a flatbed truck. A flatbed does not have an enclosed trailer, and this exposes the loads to the elements or will force you to place a tarp over the load. Like a flatbed, a dry van can also be open on the sides to make it easier to load and unload very large or unusually shaped freight, particularly in areas where there is no loading dock. Unlike a reefer it is not temperature-controlled, but the cargo is protected from rain and other bad weather, potential damage, and theft. Which is where the name “dry” van comes from.

An accident with a dry van trailer can be costly, especially when carrying a lot of or very expensive cargo. We can help you find the best dry freight truck insurance.

Where to Find Dry Van Trailer Insurance that is right for you

Good news, because dry vans are not an excluded class like some other operations, they are less of a risk, and therefore much easier to insure than haz-mat loads or tankers. 

Any commercial driver who pulls a dry van trailer is legally obligated to have coverage when operating their truck. Sometimes, a shipping trailer does not belong to the company transporting it. Because of this, many companies usually require dry van trailer insurance so that their assets are covered while in someone else’s care. This is called Trailer Interchange Insurance and is invaluable for operators using dry vans to transport goods.

Trailer Interchange Insurance is similar to Physical Damage Coverage for dry van trailers. It provides insurance for incidents that are out of the driver’s control including collision, vandalism, theft or fire.  In the likely event an incident like this were to happen, and the driver did not have insurance, it would be an out-of-pocket cost for the driver. This insurance provides a safety-net for the dry van trailer the driver is using at the time of the accident.  This coverage only applies if there is a valid Trailer Interchange Agreement between the trucker and the company requiring the coverage.

What dry van truck insurance coverage do you need?

Are you looking for

  • For-hire motor truck dry cargo insurance
  • Private dry trailer trucking insurance coverages
  • Owner operators under permanent lease to a motor carrier
  • Owner operators working under your own authority

Dry trailer Insurance covers a variety of things.

  • What you drive
    • a box truck
    • a semi-trailer
    • smaller commercial vehicle,
  • Insure your property, 
  • Other people’s property, what you are hauling. 

Some typical dry Trailer Insurance coverages are:

  • Mandatory motor carrier truck insurance coverages
    • Motor Truck General Liability insurance
  • Optional motor carrier insurance coverages
    • Physical Damage coverage
    • Collision Coverage
    • Comprehensive Coverage
    • Medical Payments insurance 
    • Uninsured Motorist insurance 
    • Motor Truck Cargo insurance
    • Non-Trucking Liability insurance 
    • Loading and Unloading Coverage
    • Towing and Storage Coverage 
    • Debris Removal
    • Earned Freight
  • Some states require
    • Personal Injury Protection

How Much Does Dry Van Truck Insurance Cost?

Like all insurance the cost will be based on several different factors such as the area of operation, your driving history and experience, and variables between deductibles and policy limits.

We usually find it in the range of $6,000 to $10,000 a year.

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