What Happens When FMCSA Comes to Audit Your Driver Logs?

What happens when FMCSA comes to audit your driver logs?

Federal Motor Carrier Compliance Investigations (what you might remember as a Compliance Review) are still ongoing even during the COVID-19 pandemic – albeit virtually….

Listening to your drivers can ease the shortage

For the past decade and a half, those who predicted the driver shortage have offered their advice on curbing the shortage. While an abundance of information like this exists, it lacks one of the main insights companies can use to overcome the shortage and high turnover – the voice of truck drivers…

Don't let vehicle maintenance get in the way of profitability

Three Battery Tips for Fleets During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many drivers in commercial and government fleets have been considered essential workers who ensure timely deliveries of food, medical supplies and other critical goods. Nevertheless, they are required by the CDC to quarantine in accordance with the guidelines.

Implementing an effective driver coaching program

Steve Fields, a professional driver with YRC and America’s Road Team Captain, doesn’t mind having his driving critiqued using video. He likens it to an NFL team that analyzes every play in the video room after a game in the pursuit of continuous improvement….