What Happens to Trucking after Trump: Politics as Usual?

What happens to trucking after Trump: Politics as usual?

What will President-Elect Joe Biden’s campaign promises mean for trucking? Prognostications on how they will play out in the real world are murky until….

UPS mobilizes to deliver Covid-19 Vaccines

UPS has announced logistics service enhancements to aid in the massive distribution efforts for COVID-19 vaccines in the coming months. UPS Healthcare now can produce up to 1,200 pounds of dry ice per hour in its U.S….

Convoy expands drop and hook services

Digital freight network provider Convoy has improved its drop-and-hook service, Convoy Go. The new version will offer fleets predictive trailer routing, automated reloads with batched routes, and improved telematics in its smart trailers, the company said in a press announcement…

FMCSA clarifies Ag products that qualify for hours of service exemptions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published an interim final rule clarifying agricultural commodity and livestock definitions in hours-of-service regulations….