Question: Could Prop 22 Help Solve the Worker Misclassification Problem?

Could prop 22 help solve the worker misclassification problem?

California voters on Nov. 3 overwhelmingly approved Proposition 22, agreeing with the gig economy companies that the state’s strict ABC test set forth in last year’s controversial AB5 law should not apply to drivers such as those for Uber and Lyft….

Are your drivers getting enough sleep?

Even though it’s slightly overshadowed by that other big national event this week, the National Sleep Foundation reminds us that this week (Nov. 1-8) is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week…

Survey fleets facing hours of service challenges

A recent survey conducted by the J. J. Keller Center for Market Insights shows that fleets are facing challenges from the recent hours-of-service (HOS) rule changes, while also identifying some benefits to the new rules…

October class 8 orders jump higher

According to separate ACT Research and FTR reporting, October’s preliminary North American Class 8 orders jumped to 38,900 units and 40,100 units, respectively. The increase of 26-27% over September numbers is pointing to 2021 models, which will start seeing delivery in a few months.

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