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How On-Board Video Can Mitigate Liability

On-board video cameras can help save a lot of grief when fleet managers get complaints about drivers supposedly acting badly. It’s a lot easier to back up your drivers when you have physical proof they were in the right…

Pilot To Provide COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive to Frontline Workers

Pilot will offer a $75 incentive to team members who choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The incentive will be available to all Pilot Company hourly employees, professional drivers and general managers in the United States and Canada…

ATA, Insurance Groups Vow to Tackle Towing Fraud, Staged Accidents

American Trucking Associations, the American Property Casualty Insurance Association and the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud have announced a plan to combine their resources to pursue legislation to tackle two of trucking’s biggest problems — towing fraud and staged accidents…

Class 8 Production Dampened by Component Shortages

While significantly more trucks are needed to handle the freight growth generated by the economic recovery and government stimulus, truck production continues to be substantially limited by shortages of semiconductors and various other components, FTR reports.

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