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Driver Turnover Holds Steady At Large Fleets in Q4

The turnover rate for over-the-road truckload drivers held steady in the last three months of 2020, while the churn rate for small truckload carriers was down, according to the American Trucking Associations’ Quarterly Employment Report…

February Used Class 8 Market Hot, Demand Outpaces Supply

The average price of a used Class 8 vehicle in February rose 17.9% to nearly $50,000 compared with a year earlier, as year-over-year sales rose, too, ACT Research reported.

Infrastructure Plan Coming March 31, Biden Says

President Joe Biden said he will unveil his long-term economic rejuvenation plan next week, promising a new “paradigm” for the middle class and a major ramp-up in investment and infrastructure spending that will strengthen the U.S. position against China.

How to Reduce Impact on Truck Fleet Maintenance Costs

In theory, labor unions can be a good thing. In the past, they have helped address workplace abuses that we would see as unthinkable today, such as child labor and incredibly dangerous working conditions.

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