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Viewpoint: "As I see It, from the Trucking Activist- 2022 trucker forecast...

Some needs for the recovery outside of the COVID conclusion would be first, that the government quits interfering into vaccine mandates and supply chain tweaking. The supply chain will recover and a few of the new indices already show that rectifying itself. The new wage increase for drivers, and the ability for free training, has gotten traction in the market and the driver shortage may start to subside. Equipment clarity will be critical for truckers to help fulfill their replacement strategies, and right now that can’t be more fluid that only adds costs to the truckers that are already buying the higher priced tools of their trade.

Truck stop chain to add 3000 truck parking spaces and 40 new stores in 2022...

This year, we will continue to improve the amenities and services our customers have come to love and expect when they stop at our locations, new features will also be added that we think will wow them,” said Shane Wharton, president of Love’s. “Our customers and team members made last year a great one, and we expect the same for this year, as we continue to get customers back on the road quickly and safely.

Do Your Truck Drivers Know How to Descend a Mountain Grade?...

One of my first trips down a serious mountain grade came in 1982 on the I-80 hill just east of Salt Lake City. It was a warm-up for the Donner Pass, which I would tackle the following day. I was fairly well-versed in descending steep grades, having operated extensively in western Pennsylvania.

But while the grades in that part of the Keystone are steep and twisting, they are fairly short — 2 to 3 miles at best. Long grades are different critters that require different thinking.

Watch: Axicle powers up jet engines to test anti-rollover fifth wheel concept...

The less than two minute video shows the powerful jet engines kick up desert dirt and sand as the tractor-trailer begins to shake in the wind. But as the wind intensifies, the Axicle fifth-wheel tractor anti-roll system (TARS) does what Krug and his team designed it to do: It separates the trailer from the tractor, allowing the trailer to fall to its side while the sleeper cab stays upright. 



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