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How to Reduce Driver Impact on Truck Fleet Maintenance Costs

When looking at truck maintenance and ways to save costs, often we start at the vehicle and move on to the shop. But what is the one missing component that has a major impact on vehicle maintenance needs?

New Tire Pressure Sensors Promise Long Life

Phillips Connect will be using new tire pressure sensors that are more efficient, give quick feedback of data, reduce cost and complexity, and do not have to be removed to add air to the tire.

Texas Bills Seek to Address Nuclear Verdicts in Trucking

Texas legislators are trying to pass new laws that they say would protect the trucking industry from “abusive commercial vehicle lawsuits,” but personal-injury lawyers are fighting it…

Officials Call $202,000 Towing Bill a Textbook Example of a Scam

A Wisconsin motor carrier got a big surprise when one of its tractor-trailers hauling a truckload of cheese had to be pulled from a ditch on I-64 in central Virginia: A $202,000 removal and towing bill...

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