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How Trucking Fleets Can Escape the Insurance Squeeze

Even if a trucking fleet were never to have a crash or injury, it still must be insured – adequately insured, and at the lowest reasonable cost…

What Truck Drivers Need to Know About Safe Winter Operation

Winter operations brings a higher likelihood of truck drivers facing slippery surfaces and poor visibility, increasing the risk of crashes. Are your drivers prepared?

4 Reasons You're Being Audited

New carriers are monitored closely for safety and compliance. New entrant carriers are monitored for 18 months. Every carrier that obtains a new interstate USDOT number will undergo a safety audit…

5 Reasons Truck Drivers Stay at a Company

Truck driver recruiting and retention practices are really an exercise in adjusting company culture, Retention Coach Ray Haight said during a Truckload Carriers Association webinar where he shared top tips for creating and maintaining a driver-centric culture within a company…

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